OctoBoost E-Commerce module allows printers to set-up customizable, user-friendly and appealing closed B2B-Online-Shops, tailored to a specific end customer´s product portfolio and CI.

Our E-Commerce platform is based on Magento 2.2 and enables print shop administrators to create shops on their own and maintain the corresponding product catalog without in-depth programming knowledge. Furthermore, Magento´s new generation outstands for its speed, scalability and flexibility and can be connected to systems of other providers via extensions. This makes Magento a secure investment in a future-proof E-Commerce platform.

The print shop´s end customer has the opportunity to search prices, place orders and check orders on any browser-enabled device (PC, tablet, smartphone).

In the next expansion stage, OctoBoost will also be available for B2C applications – including payment connection and numerous extensions for agile E-Commerce.

OctoBoost´s intuitive shops enable end customers to place their print orders as easily as possible.

Our integrated web editor enables print shop users to design, adapt and view their printed materials online using 3D visualizations. Templates and user-specific settings can be adapted by the printer.

The state-of-the-art web-to-print editor works without any additional plug-ins in any modern Internet browser. Almost every print product can be designed by the end user – OctoBoost offers a wide spectrum of applications for business cards, mailings, packaging etc. OctoBoost is the perfect start point for every printer going into the mass customization world.