In order to quantify concrete saving potentials and find your most suitable OctoBoost package, we recommend an OctoDiagnosis, in which a simulation with real orders is carried out. Two scenarios are compared:

  • Octoless: Production as currently done
  • OctoBoost: How would the same jobs be produced with OctoBoost?


For this, we need print jobs of two relevant weeks as they were produced. The more details, the more accurate our calculation will be. The following fields are required.

  • Print job's booking date
  • Confirmed delivery date
  • Production date
  • Production time
  • Product type (e.g. flyer, business card etc.)
  • Number of pages
  • Product part multi-part products (e.g. 4 pages cover, 32 pages content)
  • Closed format (final format)
  • Open format
  • Inks (4/4)
  • Paper type or grade (Coated Matt/X Matt)
  • Grammage (e.g. 150 g/m²)
  • Paper format used

The following data is also required:

  • Yearly Sales for commercial printing
  • Number and type of printing machines used (offset, digital printing)
  • Number of printing plates and paper used (incl. waste) in the same 2 weeks

OctoBoost treats all data confidentially, of course.

Please request templates from your OctoBoost team to facilitate data exchange. Some ERP vendors like Printplus, Proseco and MIS rsKalk support printers with standardized data extraction for OctoDiagnosis.