Capture more print jobs & radically decrease your print costs.

OctoSprint, our AI driven print efficiency solution gangs & dynamically plans your production pool, automating pre-press & planning efforts while optimizing costs and increasing capacity. OctoShop, our appealing Web2Print solution increases your order intake.

Savings potential

Up to -40% less plates and print forms
Up to 22% more print capacity
Up to 50% less paper waste
Up to 13 minutes less time investment for order entry




OctoShop allows printers to set-up customizable, user-friendly and appealing web-to-print portals, tailored to a specific end customer´s product portfolio and CI.
Our E-Commerce platform is based on Magento 2.3 and enables print shop administrators to create shops and maintain the corresponding product catalog without in-depth programming knowledge. An integrated Web Editor helps end customers design, upload and check their art-work online using 3D visualizations.


Ganging & Dynamic Planning

OctoSprint optimizes all print jobs (captured online or offline) and schedules them on all your offset & digital presses. At the push of a button, print jobs are collected and dynamically scheduled to reduce the number of printing forms and makeready processes. The whole… within… seconds! OctoBoost uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence to enable printers to plan their jobs effectively.

OctoBoost Value

1. Sales

Reduce order entry complexity: Free up 13 minutes per print job of your Customer Service Representative’s time by capturing orders through OctoBoost´s E-commerce portal

Increased sales opportunities: Capture additional business due to expanded digital channels. Last minute print-jobs not a problem thanks to the enhanced planning flexibility

2. Planning

Reduce planning efforts and complexity: Planning print jobs through OctoBoost instead of manually will free up 2 minutes per print job saving your planners time and making them more efficient

3. Prepress

Reduce plate costs: Use up to 40% less plates (when compared to conventional systems) by ganging multiple jobs on a single sheet ultimately leading to less print forms.

Reduce imposition & gang­ing time: Free up 5-10 minutes per print form of your Pre-press operator’s time by ganging print jobs through OctoBoost instead of manually.

4. Production

Increase print capacity: By ganging and reducing the amount of print forms and therefore change-overs (less make-ready and washing time), OctoBoost can increase the available print capacity by up to 40% compared to conventional systems.

Reduce print costs: Reduce overall print costs by allocating print forms to the most cost-efficient press

Reduce Make-ready paper waste by up to 50% thanks to the change-over reduction

Reduce Trim paper waste waste by up to 50%. Our power­ful ganging algorithm maximizes the print area like no other tool in the market.

5. Postpress

Less cuts per print form: Our powerful print efficiency technology considers the number of cuts to optimize finishing.


Logo Testimonial Longo

“Octo is an exciting platform…We are happy to be a beta customer as we could influence the development. It´s fun and conversations are constructive.” 

Helfried Prünster, CEO, Longo Deutschland GmbH

Logo Testimonial Druckerei Schmid

“For us, OctoBoost was the best partner to choose as we could co-develop the perfect solution without a big investment.”

Sven Burkhard, Managing Director, Schmid Druck+Medien

“With OctoBoost, we managed to walk towards our digitization in a relatively short time. This doesn´t only offer future process optimization, but also expansion to new business areas.”

Ulrich Reichardt, Head of Prepress | E-Business Print Manager, Schmid Druck+Medien