Capture more print jobs & radically decrease your print costs.

OctoSprint, our AI driven print efficiency solution gangs & dynamically plans your production pool, automating pre-press & planning efforts while optimizing costs and increasing capacity. OctoShop, our appealing Web2Print solution increases your order intake.

Savings potential

Up to -40% less plates and print forms
Up to 22% more print capacity
Up to 50% less paper waste
Up to 13 minutes less time investment for order entry


OctoBoost Value

1. Sales

Reduce order entry complexity: Free up 13 minutes per print job of your Customer Service Representative’s time by capturing orders through OctoBoost´s E-commerce portal

Increased sales opportunities: Capture additional business due to expanded digital channels. Last minute print-jobs not a problem thanks to the enhanced planning flexibility

2. Planning

Reduce planning efforts and complexity: Planning print jobs through OctoBoost instead of manually will free up 2 minutes per print job saving your planners time and making them more efficient

3. Prepress

Reduce plate costs: Use up to 40% less plates (when compared to conventional systems) by ganging multiple jobs on a single sheet ultimately leading to less print forms.

Reduce imposition & gang­ing time: Free up 5-10 minutes per print form of your Pre-press operator’s time by ganging print jobs through OctoBoost instead of manually.

4. Production

Increase print capacity: By ganging and reducing the amount of print forms and therefore change-overs (less make-ready and washing time), OctoBoost can increase the available print capacity by up to 40% compared to conventional systems.

Reduce print costs: Reduce overall print costs by allocating print forms to the most cost-efficient press

Reduce Make-ready paper waste by up to 50% thanks to the change-over reduction

Reduce Trim paper waste waste by up to 50%. Our power­ful ganging algorithm maximizes the print area like no other tool in the market.

5. Postpress

Less cuts per print form: Our powerful print efficiency technology considers the number of cuts to optimize finishing.


Logo Testimonial Longo

“Octo is an exciting platform…We are happy to be a beta customer as we could influence the development. It´s fun and conversations are constructive.” 

Helfried Prünster, CEO, Longo Deutschland GmbH

Logo Testimonial Druckerei Schmid

“For us, OctoBoost was the best partner to choose as we could co-develop the perfect solution without a big investment.”

Sven Burkhard, Managing Director, Schmid Druck+Medien

“With OctoBoost, we managed to walk towards our digitization in a relatively short time. This doesn´t only offer future process optimization, but also expansion to new business areas.”

Ulrich Reichardt, Head of Prepress | E-Business Print Manager, Schmid Druck+Medien