Sappi: OctoBoost combines a print store solution with a print efficiency module

Talking about print online with Bernd Zipper. Beyond Print.

Here we have a paper manufacturer that wants to help print companies increase their print efficiency and their sales at the same time by taking an online print approach. What’s behind all of this?

When a global manufacturer that focuses on wood pulp-based graphic printing and specialty papers comes up with a digital, cloud-based solution that enables mid-sized print companies to boost their efficiency and market presence, then the print industry is bound to sit up and take notice. Print stores and automation in a paper manufacturer’s portfolio – and then one of the measures in Sappi’s new concept to increase efficiency is supposed to be economizing on paper? That’s got our attention, so it is time to have a conversation with the CEO of Sappi’s OctoBoost brand, Anna-Maria Oñate.

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