About Us

OctoBoost is a technology startup whose core mission is to develop innovative digital solutions for the print industry. OctoBoost is powered by Sappi, well in line with its commitment to improve printers´ business and ultimately make print media more efficient, attractive and sustainable.

OctoBoost is the perfect merge between future-proof online print and powerful print efficiency. It fulfils our vision of making print irresistible & print efficiency simple.

Sappi wants to ensure that print remains an effective and economically attractive choice in the future. Paper is Sappi’s core business, so almost €500 million have been invested in production in the past 5 years to ensure Sappi’s cost and quality leadership and to guarantee that Sappi remains a reliable partner in the future.

In working together with our customers, we ensure mutual business success, because Sappi will only be successful with successful print partners.

The Octo Team

Anna Oñate

Intrapreneur I OctoBoost CEO & Co-Founder

Marcel Dumont

OctoBoost CTO

Jasmin Stodola

IT Applications Engineer

Michal Kratky

Web Developer

André Wagner

Technical Sales Manager Digital Solutions

Jesper van Gelder

Customer Success Engineer