Increase and automate your order intake.

Our Web2Print solution showcases your print products in an easy and appealing way. It automates print ordering and pre-press processes.

OctoShop Overview


OctoShop helps you showcase your print portfolio online in an easy and appealing way, increasing print´s reach to younger generations of end users and making print ordering simpler.


  • Offers B2B closed shops
  • Has a clean and intuitive design
  • Has an optional web editor (upload or 3D preview)
  • Works for plano and simple multipart products

OctoShop´s web editor does not only inspire to print, it also eases the end users´ design efforts while reducing the frequency of file errors thanks to its 3D preview and basic preflight features.

It also automates your team´s order entry efforts, so they can focus on ways to increase your order intake.

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