OctoSprint: Ganging & Dynamic Planning

Print Rocket Science

Print production planning is more complex than ever. The amount of print jobs increases and the average run length goes down. This task can only be accomplished efficiently with automated processes.

The Print Efficiency module receives all orders – those captured through OctoBoost´s online shops or transferred from the printer´s ERP system. Multipart products, such as magazines and brochures are automatically broken down into individual print signatures, considering converting specifications and restrictions. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, print signatures are afterwards dynamically planned on the most optimal paper format and print press, prioritizing meeting the delivery date, and afterwards reducing overall print costs…within seconds!

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Effective planning

This means that JDF-compatible gang forms are assembled from a pool of jobs, while dynamic print planning and scheduling takes place in real time at the same time.

OctoBoost uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence to enable printers to plan their jobs effectively.

Prepress workflows with automated tasks such as preflighting (data control and repair) and color management are essential to the workflow. Therefore, OctoBoost is also compatible with workflow systems such as Apogee, Prinergy, Kim, XMF, etc.

Optimizing production steps and reducing costs

The Efficiency module optimizes all jobs and schedules them for all the company’s offset and digital presses. At the press of a button, the print jobs are collected and dynamically planned to reduce the number of printing forms and makeready events. All of this takes place within seconds. Even scheduling last-minute jobs is no longer a nightmare, as the entire production schedule is recalculated within seconds.

The print efficiency module always suggests the optimal print schedule, taking into account delivery dates and total costs.

Flexibility prevails,  since the planning specialists can intervene any time if, for example, maintenance work has to be scheduled within short notice.