Automate. Reduce your paper waste and plate consumption.

Print rocket science. Our AI driven print efficiency solution gangs & dynamically plans your production pool on the most cost efficient digital or offset press and paper format… at an impressive speed.

OctoSprint print schedule

Ganging & Dynamic Planning

Print rocket science

OctoSprint´s reinforcement learning technology computes hundreds of conflicting parameters in your job pool, delivering a cost optimised print production plan which considers your restrictions and delivery commitments.


  • Gangs and dynamically plans your print jobs in one single step
  • Schedules your jobs on the most cost optimal offset or digital press
  • Selects the most cost optimal paper format
  • Has a high calculation speed
  • Can be used through our UI or via API
  • Allows advanced configurations such as planning horizons & sophisticated job pool filtering and cutting preferences
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Our AI has a high ROI

OctoSprint´s AI driven technology automates your processes and dramatically reduces your print costs, as it:

  • Decreases paper waste by up to 50%
  • Decreases aluminium plate consumption by up to 40%
  • Increases print capacity by up to 22%
  • Reduces paper articles thanks to fewer formats needed

Thanks to its waste reduction, the environmental impact is significant.

Learn more about OctoSprint´s environmental impact.

Find out your concrete savings potential

Unsure on whether your print portfolio and workflow are suitable for OctoSprint?

Ask our team for an OctoDiagnosis, a powerful simulation where we:

  1. Inject your print jobs into OctoSprint
  2. Configure your virtual machines
  3. Simulate 2 weeks of production
  4. Compare paper, plates and print time used and quantify our value

Your digital twin print house is just a few clicks away!

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