Intelligence Dashboards


OctoBoost dashboards allow a print house´s manager to remotely access insightful commercial and print efficiency metrics.

In addition, the operational dashboard provides the planner with an overview of the entire order book and production schedule for all offset and digital presses, total capacity utilization, delayed orders and conflicts.

Strategic Dashboards

Strategic dashboards generate deep business insight for management, for example:

Revenue Dashboard

  • Order intake
  • Top products and top customers
  • Sales trends
  • Online business development
  • Sales vs. profitability
  • Number of print jobs vs. run length development
  • Overview of delivery locations and delivery service booked

Efficiency Dashboard

  • Development of printing costs before and after OctoBoost
  • Plate efficiency
  • Development of makeready and trim waste
  • Press utilization vs. target utilization
  • Print products per form
  • Capacity utilization offset and digital
  • Print jobs vs. paper article variety
My Octoboost




My OctoBoost“ Dashboard

These dashboards offer transparency about the effectiveness of OctoBoost:

  • Optimal use of the Print Efficiency Module
  • OctoBoost costs vs. added value
  • Print signatures
  • Users
  • Cloud Storage
  • Technical support hours
  • Web-Portals